How to get free stuff

How to Get Free Stuff with No Credit Card *Legit*

I found a really great site that gets you free stuff. Yeah thats right free stuff. It is no scam I have done it my self and I have proof from other people and myself. So the site is called just copy and paste
*note I am not spamming, this is for educational purposes.
So go to
Then Sign Up
You just need your first name last name
email and a address
Make a fake email adress because you will get some spam
If you are going for wii points or xbox points they just email it to you so just type in a fake address
If you are going for games, cellphones, ipods, game consoles
Use your real address you will not get any spam mail its just used for shipping your prize
2.Do some surveys (this is how you get points to get free stuff)
3. This will take about two weeks (depending on what you are trying to get)
4.If you get enough points go to prize claim center and claim your free prize
5. In two to four days your prize shall be mailed/emailed to you
I hope you take my advice
It really is a great site
Once again go to this site below

Here is a more detailed explanation



Now I will show you some proof

Here is a video i made that shows the stuff I got!

If you have any questions or need more proof email me at
Thanks Bye